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Barnebys is a luxury Media Brand offering our clients
an opportunity to reach an exclusive global audience with a passion for art, design, luxury and culture

Increase exposure of your inventory

We take your inventory directly from your website and have it listed in one day. All we need to make your business searchable is your logo and url. All transactions are completed on your website (or site of choice) and we never take a sales commission. 

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Promote your brand with banners of choice

We offer banner advertising on and its Magazine across the different markets, as well as on Collectors Weekly for an American reach.

Use editorial articles to increase your brand awareness

Barnebys invites bloggers, experts, auctioneers and artists to enhance and diversify content. Barnebys has 6 linguistic platforms and a powerful editorial content adapted to each market. The editors in each market work closely with our clients to provide recommendations on the best ways to promote your sales and to get in front of the right buyers on the right market.

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A newsletter to boost your sales 

Our newsletters are sent on a weekly basis, 3 times in
5 different languages to more than 130 000 subscribers globally. Have an article featured to promote your next auctions and listings on Barnebys.

Tools to gain better insight into your users' behaviour

As a Barnebys client, you get access to our own tracking tool that enables you to analyse your performance and your visitors' behaviour and purchase patterns.


Targeted advertising to the largest network of collectors

Barnebys sends out more than 1.5 million search alerts to 8 markets each month. Now you can benefit from the reach and open rate, as well as collectors’ direct attention, by promoting your business through a banner in the email.


The Barnebys search alerts emails are the best converting and interest-generated ads that we offer.


Maximise your conversions with our traffic programs

With the Barnebys traffic program, we provide you a full package from listing your inventory in both our Live Lots and Price Bank sections, to expose your brand on our Magazine, Newsletters, and Banners. We also provide user-friendly tools to track all your traffic from Barnebys.

Hear it from them

"Barnebys offers good coverage and is thus a good marketing tool for us in Scandinavia. We don’t spend as much on advertising in newspapers now. We’re reaching new customer groups through Barnebys." 

Peder Isacsson

Head of Sotheby’s Scandinavia

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Get in touch

Want to learn more about what Barnebys can do for your business?

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