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Buyers become sellers!
Boost your consignments and client base with Barnebys advertising.

Finding sellers for your coming auctions can be a challenge, but your best tool is the success of your previous sales and your brand in front of an engaged and auction-oriented audience.

The summer months are the perfect time to start thinking about consignments in preparation for the high season. Don't leave it to chance: use Barnebys' targeted advertising to reach new sellers by promoting your past successes and brand. Consigners get sent straight to your website without charging commission. 

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Barnebys gives you access to 4 million potential buyers and sellers every month

Barnebys' solutions

  • Banners live on Barnebys

  • Article in Barnebys Magazine

  • Solo Results Newsletter, sent straight to subscribers' inbox

Start getting ready for high season and find your next consignments.

Only Barnebys can offer

  • A relevant audience with access to premium consignments

  • Engaged sellers & buyers for your future auctions

  • Increased brand awareness, leads and sales

Start consigning today!

Don’t have an inhouse design team? No problem, our designers know how best to attract bidders and sellers so we can create the right type of banner advert for your auction house at no extra cost.


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