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Limited time sales for February
Boost your consignments and clientbase through Barnebys advertising.

We appreciate that finding sellers and buyers is a challenge, particularly with certain restrictions still in place, but by promoting your auction house through our digital marketing options we can deliver our engaged consignors straight to your front door.

Instead of traditional print advertising, where reaching the right people is pretty much a matter of luck, why not let Barnebys targeted advertising take care of reaching new sellers in a cost effective way.

Take advantage of our buy 1 pair of collector’s eyes, we will double up across all advertising campaigns.

Get started


From just $2,000 buy 50,000 pairs of eyes and get 50,000 free + an article in the Barnebys magazine (live indefinitely).

Standard rate is usually $2,750.

Getting serious


For $3,500 you get 250 000 impressions + an article in the Barnebys magazine (live indefinitely) and newsletter banner. Only $3,500.

Standard rate is usually $6,500.

Now you’re talking


Why not provide a variety of touchpoints to your sellers & reach over 500,000 collectors:  Buy 250,000 pairs of eyes or more, receive another 250,000 + our sought after solos newsletter and an article in the Barnebys Magazine. Only $6,500!

Standard rate is usually $14,000.

Start getting more consignment today.
The  offers are valid for campaigns that run until 28th of February. 

Only Barnebys can offer

  • A relevant audience with access to premium consignments

  • Engaged sellers & buyers to your future auctions

  • Increased brand awareness, leads and sales

Start consigning today!

Don’t have an inhouse design team? No problem, our designers know how best to attract bidders and sellers so we can create the right type of banner advert for your auction house at no extra cost.


Contact us


Jason Contreras


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