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Interflora x Barnebys 

An Editorial Collaboration Turned Media Success 


Interflora and Barnebys Showcase a Flourishing Century

Interflora has been in business for 100+ years and comprises an extensive network of florists who deliver elegant bouquets for every occasion. In 2019, Barnebys and Interflora partnered up to release a collaboration, where they interpreted a century of period vases to create special floral arrangements for them. 


Interflora provided the arrangements, and Barnebys’ experts picked the vases from dealers listed on the website, involving their knowledge of the auction market and design history to engage their audience through compelling storytelling. 

Broadening their Appeal to a Design-focused Audience

Barnebys’ editorial team worked closely with Interflora on a consultancy basis to create engaging content around the collaboration. Barnebys’ editors wrote articles about the arrangements that achieved extensive coverage in the media. The material was shared on the Barnebys website and its wider network, helping Interflora raise awareness of its brand to an audience already interested in design, as well as the world of circular economy. 

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Barnebys Discovers Tulipomania

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Build your brand with Barnebys! 

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