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Olséns X Barnebys

From Zero to Auction: Becoming A Digital Player with Skeleton


With extensive experience working at various auction houses, Olséns Auktioner was launched by a small but dedicated team of professionals consisting of Lina Olsén, Anton Berglund, Linus Åkesson, and Anders Olsén. 


Olséns Auktioner was founded to give customers the best online auction experience they can.

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A Foundation Set by Skeleton

Olséns’ website was built on Skeleton, Barnebys’ user-friendly online auction software. The Olséns website was created with the best of Scandinavian design and tech in mind, offering both an elegant interface and an intuitive backend.


The Skeleton software brought Olséns an overview of every stage of the auction process using an effective auction platform. From consigning objects to registering sellers, cataloguing, selling and shipping, the simplicity and consistency of Skeleton enabled Olséns to run its first auction from the ground up.

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Further Strengthened by Listing on Barnebys

Olséns Auktioner was listed on Barnebys in one day. With the quick addition of a logo and URL, Olséns’ inventory was visible to the 4 million visitors Barnebys receives each month.

Not Bukowskis real data


Accompanied by Traffic and Conversions

As with any other Barnebys client, Olséns had access to the Bite tracking tool to analyse their performance, visitors’ behaviour and purchase patterns. 

Not Olséns real data

Leading to Olséns Auktioner’s First Auction Success

In Olsens’ auction in June 2022, 9% of sessions came from Barnebys, and 26% of bidders were users of Barnebys, with a total bid value of 47% from Barnebys. 


The trend has only improved, and Olsens has now successfully run four auctions with the majority of bidders and total revenue generated by Barnebys’ users.

Olséns Auktioner's Sixth auction in June

Total bid Value. Barnebys vs total

Total sessions Barnebys vs
other for Olséns Auktioner



* June 2022



* June 2022

Total registrations Barnebys vs
other for Olséns Auktioner

Number of bidders.

From Barnebys vs others

Average bid Value.

Barnebys vs others

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Build the backbone of your business with Skeleton! 

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