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Ad Banner Dimensions

Explore the available banner options below.
Click on the image to see full size.


Lot Card Banner

Displayed on the 9th lotcard from the top in the search result page. The ad has one size for full desktop view and one for tablet view.

Sizes: 284x491 and 232x439.

Lot card banner.png

Center Banner

Displayed between lot cards on the search results page and Pricebank.

Avaliable banner sizes: 980x200 and 980x240

center banner.png

Bbys Magazine Article

Displayed at the end of articles in Bbys Magazine.

Avaliable banner sizes: 980x200 and 980x240

article banner.png

Mobile Banner & Mob Article 

Displayed in the middle of search results and in articles in Bbys Magazine 

Avaliable banner sizes: 300x250 and 300x600

mob banners.png
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