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Jewellery and Gems

Jewellery and gems are consistent top-sellers at auction, and Barnebys makes it easier than ever to connect with online buyers around the world.

Jewellery and Gems By the Numbers

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User Interaction


Our Jewellery & Gems category delivered over 580,000 clicks to our clients' websites in 2022.

New Visitors


In 2022, over 80% of traffic to Jewellery & Gems pages came from new visitors.

Age Demographics


Attracting young buyers is a key to developing life-long customer relationships, and Barnebys users skewed younger in 2022. Gen Z (18 to 24-year-old) users increased by 0.8%, while Millenial (35 to 44-year-old) users increased by 3.8%.

The Gender Gap


Male Barnebys users increased by 1.7% in 2022, but women still make up 46% of site-wide traffic.

Our Top Markets

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How Do We Do It?

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Informational Blogs

From style guides to deep-dives on specific stones, Barnebys regularly publishes articles on jewellery and gems on our online magazine. These posts rank highly on search engine results pages, which ensures we receive a steady flow of organic traffic. Our users spend a standard reading time of 3:20 on a blog page, indicating that our readers find the content useful and engaging. 

Competitive Keywords

In order to attract organic traffic, it’s essential to rank highly on search engine results pages. As an established website, pages on Barnebys rank in the top 10 results for many jewellery-related keywords in international markets. Searchers in the US will find lots on Barnebys when they look up things like “antique jewelry auction”, while Swedish users will find Barnebys when they search “Cartier ring” or “signet ring”. Since these keywords have a high search volume it’s very challenging for new sites to rank on the first search results page, but clients with related lots can appear to more searchers and obtain organic clicks by listing on Barnebys’ platform.

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