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Furniture, Design and Mirrors

From acclaimed Mid-Century Modern designs to unique antiques, furniture is a consistently popular category in online auctions. Find out how Barnebys can help your business reach a wider array of buyers than ever before.

Furniture, Design and Mirrors By the Numbers

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User Interaction


Furniture, Design & Mirrors delivered over 1.2 million clicks to our clients' websites in 2022.

New Visitors


Almost 70% of the traffic to Furniture, Design & Mirrors in 2022 came from new visitors. 

High Organic Traffic


The majority of traffic to Furniture, Design & Mirrors is organic, with more than 66% of users finding our site through a search engine.

The Gender Gap


Barnebys' users are split fairly evenly between men and women, but male users have a slight lead and increased by 1.7% in 2022.

Age Demographics


Barnebys reached more younger users in 2022, with users aged 18-24 increasing by 0.8%, 35-44 year-olds increasing by 3.8% and 45-54 year-olds increasing by 2.0%

Our Top Markets

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How Do We Do It?

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High-Quality Blogs

We frequently feature original, well-researched articles on furniture and design in Barnebys' online magazine. Besides providing information to our users, these posts help us to achieve a high ranking on search results pages. This in turn attracts more organic traffic and more new users. We found that our average user spends 3:20 on a Barnebys blog page, which indicates that they find the content both relevant and engaging. 

Consistent Keyword Rankings

Getting substantial organic traffic to your site means appearing on the first page of search engine results, but it can be hard for new sites to rank for popular keywords. Since Barnebys is an established site, our furniture and design pages appear in the top 10 results for many common keywords such as “IKEA cabinet” in the US and “Gucci table” in the UK. By listing related lots on Barnebys, it becomes easier for clients to connect with interested buyers and gain organic clicks through to their site.

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