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Watches and Clocks

Luxury watches and clocks are one of the top-selling categories in the auction market, and Barnebys makes it simple to connect buyers with the pieces they seek. 

Watches and Clocks By the Numbers

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User Interaction


Watches & Clocks delivered over 450,000 clicks to our clients' websites in 2022.

New Visitors


In 2022, nearly 73% of traffic to Watches & Clocks pages came from new visitors.

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Age Demographics


As Gen Z and Millenials entered the market, Barnebys users skewed younger in 2022. Users aged 18-24 increased by 0.8%, while 35-44 year-olds increased by 3.8% and 45-54 year-olds increased by 2.0%

The Gender Gap


While Barnebys is popular with both men and women, male users have the lead and increased by 1.7% in 2022.

Our Top Markets

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How Do We Do It?

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Engaging Blogs

We create well-researched, high-quality blog posts on the topic of watches and timepieces. This ensures that we have a high ranking on search results pages, which attracts interested organic searchers. The average time spent on a Barnebys blog page is 3:20, which is a standard reading time and indicates that our readers find our blogs relevant to their search.

High Ranking Keywords

As an established website, Barnebys’ auction pages rank in the top 10 search results positions for several watch and timepiece keywords across international markets. For example, in the US market, we rank for “Omega Geneve” and “Rolex 72200”. These keywords have a very high search volume, making it difficult for newcomers to rank, but our strong organic presence ensures that our listings are accessible to buyers all over the world. 

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