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Cambi Casa D’Aste x Barnebys

Top Traffic Referrers: How Barnebys Grows Cambi's Online Presence and Generates the Most Bidders Locally and Internationally

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The Cambi Casa D’Aste History

Active for almost twenty-five years with headquarters in Genoa and Milan and offices in Rome, Turin and Venice, Cambi is at the top of the Auction Market in Italy, with over 100 sales per year, curated by 26 departments and a team of 70 professionals. Founded in Genoa in 1998 with a focus on Ancient Art, Cambi’s offer is now distributed into three areas: Ancient, Modern, and Luxury. Over the years, great attention has been given to the development of Modern Art and Design, Oriental Art, Jewellery, Watches, and Wines departments.

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Reaching Millions of Collectors from Every Continent 

Cambi and Barnebys have been partnering for the past 4 years to grow Cambi’s online presence on the international market, and generate new bidders locally and internationally. Barnebys is today one of the top referrers for Cambi’s traffic. With a turnover of €24,136,000 in the first half of 2022 for Cambi, Barnebys’ curated international clientele enables Cambi to achieve several records and lead important house sales with success. 


International visitors sent to their website


1.7 M

Impressions on Barnebys in a year



Countries where visitors come from


Barnebys offers 4 million visitors monthly from more than 100 countries. By listing their inventory on Barnebys, Cambi reaches thousands of collectors, who are redirected to their website without charging any commission. In this way, Cambi stands at the forefront of every sale. Among the most searched categories on Barnebys feature the new points of focus and development for Cambi, with a renewed interest in the international community for the Fine Wines, Jewellery and Watches offered by Cambi. 

Consolidating the Cambi Brand in Front of a Dedicated Audience

Barnebys' editorial team works with Cambi to produce articles and newsletters dedicated to their special sales. Articles written for Barnebys Magazine are sent directly to the newsletter’s subscribers’ inboxes, which boast 180,000 readers globally. Editorial products are offered in 8 markets, in each original language. Barnebys editors research lots to produce top-quality content, and use their knowledge of the industry to recommend which lots to highlight, with a clear vision of the trends and preferences of each country.

The editorial packages help not only to increase digital traffic, but also to establish and consolidate the Cambi brand in front of collectors and art enthusiasts. Barnebys newsletters reach an audience already dedicated to the world of auctions, who have a keen interest in keeping up with the art world.

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Build your brand with Barnebys! 

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