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High Alert: Barnebys Group Announces a New Product Feature

This month, Barnebys has launched a new advertising package that allows companies to promote their businesses in search alert emails. Barnebys sends over 1.5 million search alerts per month, and now you can benefit from the international reach and high open rate by promoting your business through a banner in each search alert email.

Search alerts are a key feature on Barnebys, and registered users can create alerts for specific items that they’re interested in, like Rolexes or Picasso prints. Once a new item that matches someone’s saved search is uploaded onto Barnebys, this subscriber will get an email notification telling them something they would like is up for sale. These emails are a popular way to keep track of new items at auction. Search alert subscribers increased by more than 10% on each global market from 2020 to 2021.

These users are dedicated buyers and collectors who are truly interested in purchasing the items for which they receive search alerts. This means that search alert emails are the best converting advertisements, with engagement that’s four times higher than any other emailed advertisements and an impressive 60% open rate.

Advertising with a banner allows you to benefit from a global reach and helps you target relevant audiences from Barnebys’ eight main markets: the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and Spain. Search alert subscribers are an engaged and ready-to-buy audience, and a banner will generate leads and sales as well as increase your brand awareness.

Each banner measures 980 x 200 pixels, and appears at the very top of search alert emails. A variety of packages are available for different global markets, and there are options for both three-day and seven-day packages.


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