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Six Top Jewellery Trends for 2021

Wearing jewellery is a classic form of personal expression. From chunky chains to natural pearls, this year’s trends are all about making a statement.

Image: Patricia Zavala on Unsplash

Although a pandemic may seem like an unfavourable climate for jewellery sales, 2020 defied all expectations in this category. Sales boomed when lockdown restrictions eased, as people searched for alternative investments or a way to treat themselves. Barnebys’ figures reflected this, with clicks for jewellery lots up 86% from 2018 to 2020, and a 15% increase in 2020 alone. Pieces under £35,500 led the charge, as did engagement rings – after all, what better way to test the strength of a relationship than quarantining together? Jewellery sales are expected to continue to rise, and certain styles are already coming to the forefront in 2021. To help you make the best additions to your own jewellery box this year, we created a guide of six fresh jewellery trends to look out for.


Cartier, ‘Chimera’ bracelet, 1960s, coral, diamond and emerald. Photo © Christie’s via Barnebys Price Bank

What goes around comes around, and this proverb holds true with fashion. Although an entire vintage wardrobe might not be feasible, jewellery is the perfect way to add a retro touch to any outfit. Vintage jewellery has seen a huge uptick in popularity, because consumers value unique pieces with character and history and enjoy the eco-friendliness of buying items used rather than new. Clip-on earrings, bangle bracelets or detailed brooches are all excellent options for a bit of vintage flair.


Bulgari, ‘Monete’ necklace, gold, diamond and ruby. Photo © Philips via Barnebys Price Bank

Necklaces don’t have to be delicate, and a hefty chain can add a fun, rebellious detail to your latest outfit. Chain links are a simple but beautiful structure, and sizes range from subtle to bold depending on your personal taste. Pieces made from silver or gold have a lovely weight and feel, and are sure to become a lasting favourite. Precious metals and gems also have the added benefit of accruing value over time, making these pieces worthy investments.

Bold Colours

Bulgari, ‘Alveare’ cuff bracelet, gold, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline and diamond. Photo © Sotheby’s via Barnebys Price Bank

Bright hues are cheery and uplifting, and colourful jewellery is a stylish way to bring a smile to your face. Natural gemstones are a sophisticated and elegant way to get a dose of colour, while resin or plastic jewellery is a sturdy and less expensive option for very saturated pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix up different stones and metals – the more colours, the easier it is to coordinate with different outfits as it expands the available range of shades.

Chunky Pieces

Cartier, ‘Panthére’ earrings, gold, emerald and onyx. Photo © Christie’s via Barnebys Price Bank

Is there any style more classic than gold hoop earrings? Gold hoops have been found in ancient burial sites everywhere from Rome to Columbia, but even a timeless trend could use an update. This year, seek out oversize, chunky earrings that are sure to be an attention-getter during your next Zoom meeting.

Stacking Rings

Emerald ring, 6.40 carats. Photo © Sotheby’s via Barnebys Price Bank

They say less is more, but sometimes more is more. Minimalism had its time, and now maximalism has taken its place – excess is in vogue. A solitary ring can look lonely, and wearing multiple rings across both hands is a trendy way to show off your collection. Look for delicate, thin-banded rings to balance off a single dramatic statement piece.


19th-century natural pearl and diamond earrings. Photo © Christie’s via Barnebys Price Bank

Pearls have long been an understated jewellery staple, but this year designers are favouring pearls with organic shapes rather than their perfectly spherical, cultured counterpoints. Their craggy textures and interesting forms make them unique, and they feel more modern and less fussy than typical round pearls. Teardrop earrings, dangling charm bracelets and the quintessential string of pearls are all excellent ways to incorporate these one-of-a-kind gems into your wardrobe.


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