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Barnebys & Jasper52

Renowned as the world’s leading search engine for art, antiques and collectables, Barnebys is a luxury Media Brand offering our clients an opportunity to reach an elusive global audience with a passion for art, design, luxury and culture through sales listings, brand advertising and editorial promotions.

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Barnebys in numbers


400 000

Visits monthly on the US site

40 000

Newsletter subscribers in the US

300 000

Monthly search alerts sent


4.3 million

Visits monthly,

including CW.

120 000

Newsletter subscribers globally*

800 000

Beautiful objects monthly

1.5 million

Monthly search alerts


* Excluding Collectors Weekly

Take control over your own data


We bring highly engaged visitors looking to make purchases online.


Each of your items includes your logo.


Direct relationships with the end users

Global Exposure

Barnebys successfully attracts a new generation of online consumers and all of your items are listed on our 7 markets.


All clicks are trackable on Google Analytics.


Make your entire catalogue easily discoverable.

43% Millennials
A significant growth in the presence of Millennials in 2021. Millennials account for nearly half of Barnebys’ audience: versus 33% in 2018.

Barnebys demographic range from 18-64+. However, over the last year - and still going strong in 2021 too - we have seen an increase in traffic between the ages of 25 to 34, making this age group one of our largest demographics. We are happy to attract both younger and older age groups to the auctions that we feature.

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Barnebys’ products and services

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Sponsored Monthly Article

How it works

We take your inventory directly from your website and have it listed in one day. All we need to make your business searchable is your logo and url. All transactions are completed on your website (or site of choice) and we never take a sales commission.


Targeted advertising to the largest network of collectors with Search Alerts

Barnebys sends out more than 1.5 million search alerts globally each month. Now you can benefit from the reach and open rate, as well as collectors’ direct attention, by promoting your business through a banner in the email.

The Barnebys search alerts emails are the best converting and interest-generated ads with 4 times higher engagement compared to any other email ads. 

Our banner ads

If you are a commercial gallery or auction house and would like to list your inventory with us, please contact us. Prices are available upon request. 

See the banner options below.


Contact us


Michelle Swann


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