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Don’t Miss Out: Barnebys Group Launches a New Product Feature

This May, Barnebys has launched a new advertising product that allows companies to promote their items through ‘Featured Lots’. With more than 3 million users worldwide searching for items on Barnebys each month, you can now gain maximum exposure by having your lots and auction house logo feature at the top of every search result.

With Featured Lots, businesses can choose to showcase their items across one or several categories and chosen markets. As customers search for a keyword or visit a category page on the website, Featured Lots will appear highlighted at the top of the screen, so they’re the first items that potential buyers will see. Featured Lots will allow you to maximise your reach to relevant collectors across multiple markets and raise your brand visibility.

Engage with an audience that is already interested in certain categories. By targeting specific search terms and categories, Featured Lots guarantee to boost website traffic from dedicated buyers. This tailored approach to advertising means better conversion rates for those special items chosen to feature.

Featured Lots are also the best way to reach the ‘top of the page’ ranking in international markets. If you’re looking for targeted geographic exposure of your items and brand, you can focus your advertising efforts on your desired audience. Barnebys now operates in eight main markets: the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and Spain. With Featured Lots, we’re giving you access to a global audience shaped to work with your marketing needs.

Featured Lots are priced per week and category type and include 5 lots, with options to advertise in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Promote and drive traffic to your website through Featured Lots.


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