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Upcoming Auctions

Maximize your auctions’ visibility

This feature enables your upcoming auctions to get the full visibility they deserve by leveraging Barnebys Group’s 4 million monthly visitors to direct traffic to your catalogue.


Prepare for your next auction

With Upcoming Auctions, you can promote your sales at the top of the website in a curated section that highlights your upcoming sale, catalogue, and date. 

Benefit from a global reach

Benefit from a global reach and target relevant audiences through our 8 main markets to engage with interested collectors and bring your special sales to the forefront of every search.


Pricing per market

🇺🇸 USA -  $600/€500/£450/5,000kr per week

🇸🇪 SE - $600/€500/£450/5,000kr per week

🇬🇧 UK - $400/€300/£250/3,000kr per week

🇫🇷 FR - $400/€300/£250/3,000kr per week

🇮🇹 IT -$400/€300/£250/3,000kr per week

🇩🇪 DE - $400/€300/£250/3,000kr per week


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