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Promote Your Expertise with Barnebys

Our in-house team of editors is experienced in producing high-quality through-leadership, interview, and promotional articles designed to build trust and credibility in an authentic way.

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Be featured in the Magazine

Do you have an upcoming auction or something new to share with the industry? The editorial team at Barnebys will work with you on a sponsored article to be shared in the countries of your choice.


Barnebys has 6 linguistic platforms and a powerful editorial content adapted to each market. The editors in each market work closely with our clients to provide recommendations on the best ways to promote your sales and to get in front of the right buyers on the right market 

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Be a guest on Barnebys podcast

At Barnebys, under the leadership of founder and antiques expert Pontus Silfverstolpe, there is an extremely ambitious global team passionate about art and design. Marrying the podcast with creative, editorial content, promises audiences relevant, interesting and topical insight to the industry. Read more


Interview Articles

Designed to raise a specialist’s profile and showcase their industry expertise to our audience, Barnebys’ Interview Articles are written exclusively by our in-house editorial team and published within the Bbys Magazine. All articles are SEO optimised and remain on the site indefinitely.

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"Barnebys helps us to attract the interest of bidders around the world to our auctions, be it works of art, antiques, jewellery or watches" 

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