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Reach New Buyers with Barnebys

Acquire new buyers, drive bidding activity and maximise sales revenue by promoting your upcoming auctions on Barnebys. Our industry-leading catalogue listing platform, combined with targeted banner advertising and engaging emails, is designed to deliver new buyers straight to your existing website. 

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4 million


1,6 million


+ 200 000


+ 475 000


Catalogue Listings

Listing on Barnebys is really easy and doesn’t require any additional uploads, platforms or processes.  We simply take your auction catalogues from your website and automatically promote the sale across the Barnebys Network. Any collectors who are interested in your lots are then redirected back to your website where they can register, bid and buy directly with you, without any commissions.

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Banners & Sliders

Looking to increase your brand recognition or drive interest in your auction? Barnebys offers a variety of display banner advertising formats to ensure that your auction and your message is seen thousands of times by your target group of collectors.

Email Promotion

Looking for a creative way to boost your sales? With effective targeting and high engagement rates Barnebys offers the perfect way to reach the right buyers, with the right message, at the right time.



Want to track your performance on Barnebys? With the Barnebys Intelligent Tracking Engine (BITE) you are able to visualise how your auctions have performed and gain useful insights into your user’s behaviour. Alternatively, Barnebys can also support auctioneers with their own analytics tools by adding UTM tracking links.

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"Barnebys helps us to attract the interest of bidders around the world to our auctions, be it works of art, antiques, jewellery or watches" 

Dr. Ito /Lempertz

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